City Council (Cork Corporation) (1710), 1867 - 1991

Ancient Seal of Cork City Council
Ancient Seal of Cork Corporation
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Cork City Council archive- introduction

The forerunner of the present day Cork City Council was Cork Corporation which was of ancient origin. Cork is a chartered municipality/city since the year 1185. The original ancient city charters and records dating from prior to the late 1800s have not survived*.  The earliest original Council record held by CCCA is a minute book dating from 1710-1732. Most of the available City Council records held date within the period 1880 to 1991. Council records more than 30 years old are, generally, available for research. Council minutes are publicly available from their creation.

(*Note: Scholar Richard Caulfield transcribed and published many of the ancient records in his 1876 work The Council Book of the Corporation of the City of Cork 1609-1643, 1690-1800), 

Details of City Council records held in CCCA

For details of the archives held from various departments and functions of the Cork City Council see the relevant entries in our online catalogue (use hierarchy view)

Council Minute Books 1710-2016

Minute books recording the proceedings, decisions and resolutions of meetings of the elected members of Cork City Council.

Finding Aids:

Descriptive list of City Council minute books, Oct 1710 - Sep 1732, Jul 1901- Oct 1906, Dec 1912- Dec 2016
Partial index of contents of minute books covering the period  26 July 1901 - 13 Oct 1906 and 13 Dec 1912 - 13 Jun 1967

Online catalogue entry for Cork City Council Minute Books

Council Early Committee Minute Books 1867-1929 (1960s)

Minute books recording the proceedings of various committees of Cork City Council

Cemetery CP/CO/CY/M 
City Hall and Working Class Dwellings  CP/CO/CH/M 
Clothing CP/CO/CL/M 
Fitzgerald’s Park CP/CO/FZ/M 
General Committee  CP/CO/GC/M 
General Purposes CP/CO/GP/M 
Hackney Carriages CP/CO/HC/M 
Improvements CP/CO/IM/M 
Law and Finance CP/CO/LF/M 
Public Health CP/CO/PH/M 
Public Works CP/CO/PW/M 
School Attendance CP/CO/SA/M 
School Meals CP/CO/SM/M 
Special Committees CP/CO/SP/M 
Standing Committee CP/CO/ST/M 
Stocktaking  CP/CO/SK/M 
Tolls and Markets CP/CO/TM/M 
Tuberculosis CP/CO/TB/M 
Waterworks CP/CO/WW/M 
Whole Council Committee CP/CO/WC/M

Examples of Other Series of Cork City Council Records

City Manager’s Orders 1942-2012
Lord Mayor’s Visitors Book 1934-1959.
Printed Reports of Officers and Committees 1881-1915.
Town Clerk’s Department, General Correspondence 1930s-1965.
Town Clerk's department, Council Papers 1922 - 1974
Town Clerk’s department General Files 1930s-1965.
City Engineer’s Correspondence and Reports, 1920-1950,
Rate Valuation Books 1900-1910 & 1950-1970.
Rate Collection Books, 1929 -1961
City Architects Dept. Drawings c.1930-c1990s.
Damage to Property Claims Book 1923-1924,
Corporation News Cuttings Books 1901-1940,
Corporation Year Books 1914, 1940-1970.
Cork Wide Streets Commissioners drawings and legal material c.1820-1860.
Cork District Urban Sanitary Authority letter books, 1863-1892.
Cork City Library 1920s - 1970s
Planning Department reports archive 1960s - 2000s
Register of Honorary Burgesses/Freemen of Cork City 1930 - 2019
Council Roll Books (elected members) 1920 - 1924, 1929 - 1946
Electoral Registers, Cork City, 1957 - 2010

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Honorary Freedom of Cork City Register- Entry for President John F. Kennedy 1963
Honorary Freedom of Cork City Register- Entry for President John F. Kennedy 1963