Solicitors and Landed Estate Papers

Solicitors and Landed Estate Papers

The legal community and several families/estates in Cork have been very supportive of CCCA in depositing dozens of older sets of estate and solicitors' papers. These papers often contain family legal and landed estate records, including various types of deeds such as leases, agreements, mortgages, charters, marriage settlements and wills, as well as court/case documents and legal minutae. Sometimes financial and business records are also found, such as rental ledgers, wages books, and business correspondence. For full listings of archives held, do a search of our online catalogue.

Examples of Solicitors and Landed Estate archives in CCCA

  • Bandon Estate Office (Rental Ledgers and Other Volumes) 1719-1964     U137
  • Bass and Company Solicitors 1600s - 1800s    U681
  • Carey's Lane/French Church Street Property Deeds 1785 - 1890    SM050
  • Colthursts of Blarney, (1677) (1800-1943)    U196
  • Cooper Penrose, 1677-1979    U296
  • Courtenay, near Midleton, 1738-1854    U130
  • Curwens Solicitors 1715 - 1909   U708
  • Guest Lane William Solicitors c1776 - 1954   U724
  • Hayes Solicitors 1600s- early 1900s    U334
  • John Jermyn Solicitor Viscount Doneraile Estate Records  (1739) 1813-1975     U335
  • Lord Doneraile, North Cork, 1790-1920    U188
  • Midleton Estate, 1710 -1927   U074 & SM620
  • Newenham, South Cork, 1806-1900    U78
  • O'Flynn Exham Solicitors, (1356) c.1500 – 1910 (c.1956)   U229
  • O'Meara Solicitors late 1700s-1920   U605a
  • Preston Collection (1611) 1716 – 1956 (1962)   U195
  • Prof. John A. Murphy deposit 1670-1840    U336
  • Vanderplas Cork Deeds 1598, 1610-1677, 1694    U675
  • Viscount Lismore (Tenants Letters) 1880s    U068

A number of documents from our solicitors and estate papers were digitised as part of a pilot digitisation project in 2003/4.


Colthurst Blarney Estate Tenants Rental Account 1895
Colthurst Blarney Estate Tenants Rental Account 1895