Digital Collections Revolutionary Period 1912-1923

The following items/collections have been digitised and are available to view online. The remainder of the items in our collections are listed in our online catalogue and are accessible in hard copy only in our Research Room by appointment.

Irish Volunteers Membership - Searchable Database with images

Easter Rising, War of Independence and Civil War

Barry M. Egan Account of the Burning of Cork 11 Dec 1920 (Ref. U404A)

Connie Francis Neenan Memoirs, 1916-1920s, 1939-1940 (Ref. PR7)

Cork Corporation Town Clerk's Papers- Jul-Aug 1922 e.g. (Ref. CP/CO/CP)

Domhnall Ó Cealleacháin (Donal O'Callaghan) Lord Mayor, archive 1922 (Ref. PR37)

Dáil Court Register Mid Cork District 1920-1922 (Ref. SM85)

Diarmaid L. Fawsitt Personal Archive - Online Exhibition

Enduring Legacy: Archives from Cork, 1920, MacCurtain, MacSwiney and the Burning of Cork exhibition

Fitzgerald Newbridge Prison Autograph Book 1924 (SM781)

For the Record: Cork and the 1916 Rising - exhibition

Frank Hurley letter from Wormwood Scrubs 1920 Ref. SM680/1+2

Hallahan 'Clonmult' Photographic Album, 1920s (Ref. U192)

Irish Volunteers, members of Cork City Battalion 1916 (Photograph, 1952)

ITGWU Cork Committee Minute Book Nov 1920 - Apr 1922 (Ref. TU/IT)

Jack McCarthy Republican material (Ref. SM701)

Liam de Róiste TD, Diaries, 1914-1922 (Ref. U271/A) (36 volumes)

Poster Issued by Free State forces, June/July 1922 (Liam de Roiste archive U271)

Riobard Langford Account of Active Service, Irish Volunteers, 1916 - 1923 (Ref. U156)

Tadhg Barry 'Rebel and Revolutionary' Exhibition

Terence MacSwiney/Pauline Henley related MSS. 1916-1920 (Ref. SM962)

Terence MacSwiney letters to Fred Murray 1917, 1918 (Ref. SM759)

Terence MacSwiney Lord Mayor 1920 Files (Ref. PR4) (362 items)

Volunteer Padraig Ó Caoimh/Patrick O'Keeffe Prison Autograph Book, Spike Island and Bere Island (War of Independence) 1921 (Ref. U287

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Tomás McCurtain and Michael Collins Photo.
Tomás McCurtain and Michael Collins Photos. from Hallahan (Clonmult) Photo. Album