Cork County Council, (1899 - 1998)

Cork County Council crest
Cork County Council crest

Cork County Council

Cork County Council was established by the Local Government (Ireland) Act 1898 with the first Council taking office in 1899. Democratically elected County Councils replaced the old grand jury system of local government. The county councils also took over certain functions from the poor law boards of guardians. Rural district councils were also established in 1899.

Details of Cork County Council records held by CCCA

For details of the archives held from various departments and functions of the Cork County Council see the relevant entries in our online catalogue   (use hierarchy view)

Council records more than 30 years old are, generally, available for research. Council minutes are publicly accessible from their date of creation.

Examples of Series of Cork County Council records held

Council Minute Books, 1899-1997

Managers Orders & Assistant Managers Orders 1942-

Planning Registers 1964-1976

County Library Committee Minutes, 1926-1980

Tuberculosis Committee Minutes, 1925-35

County Secretary’s Office Files 1906-1968

Cemetery Records 1800s-1900s

County Surveyors Office/Architects Office drawings and files, 1892-1970

Rates Department, General Valuation of Properties, County Cork, 1888 - 1984

Motor Tax Vehicle Registers 1910-1965

Regional Development Officer files, 1980-82

Electoral Registers 1965-2011 (Access restrictions apply)

Cork County Committee of Agriculture 1901-1980

Cork County Council Corporate Affairs General Purposes files and related records 1902-1990


Cork County Council Dail Eireann Resolution 1920
Cork County Council Dáil Éireann Resolution 1920