Access Rules and Conditions

Rules and Conditions Governing Access to Archives and Other Material in the Cork City and County Archives (CCCA)

See below or download a flipping book version Rules and Conditions for Readers

 A: Research Room

  1. The Research Room is open by prior appointment to all bona fide researchers who are registered as a Reader with the CCCA
  2. Readers must sign the attendance register daily upon admission.
  3. Cork City Council’s Customer Charter, and Code of Conduct, apply to those using our services.
  4. Mobile phones must be silenced.
  5. CCTV is in operation for the detection of crime, the protection of archive collections, the building, and other property, and for the security and the health and safety of staff and customers.

B: Research Access to Collections

  1. All items/documents for research must be ordered in advance using the relevant collection and item reference numbers obtained from the online catalogue or descriptive lists.
  2. Anything posing a potential security or preservation risk to collections may not be brought into the Research Room.
  3. Some collections/documents have access restrictions.

C: Handling Documents/Material

  1. Readers must handle archives appropriately and not, for example, write on, mark, lean on, crumple, tear, flatten, re-order, or re-arrange documents, or place objects on top of them, or moisten their fingers when turning pages.
  2. Notes may be taken only in pencil, or using a computer.
  3. Archives and other research material may not be borrowed or removed by Readers from the Research Room under any circumstances.

D: Copying and Publication

  1. The permission of the CCCA is required prior to copies, or extended transcripts, of a document being made.
  2. Self-service copies are for research purposes only. All copies required for publication/non-research purposes must be made by the CCCA.
  3. The copying of personal information less than 100 years old is restricted.
  4. In the event of legal action arising out of the publication or dissemination of any information or images which a Reader has obtained, he/she shall be held wholly responsible.

Cork City and County Archives Service  16 May 2023

Download a flipping book version Rules and Conditions for Readers