Services to Local Government

Archives Statutory Function

Under the Local Government Act 2001, Section 80, it is a statutory obligation of local government to provide for the proper management, custody, care and conservation of local records and local archives, and for the public inspection of local archives under a 30 year rule. Local archives include local government records that have not been certified as unsuitable for classification as archives, and archives deposited, donated, purchased, loaned and bequested.

Services to local government

  • CCCA is the designated repository for the management, custody, care and preservation of the archives of Cork City Council and Cork County Council and their precursor agencies.
  • Research access and public inspection of local archives under a general 30 year rule.
  • Managing restricted access to records that require a longer general closure period owing to their containing sensitive information and/or personal data.
  • Managing Freedom of Information and Data Protection requests in relation to archives kept at CCCA.
  • Advising on the appraisal and selection of local authority records as regards their enduring archival value and with reference to the National Retention Policy for Local Government Records.
  • Authorisation and certification of local records for destruction, jointly with senior management and certifying officers.
  • Records management and data protection, policy advice.
  • Information service for the Council with regards to Council records held by the CCCA
  • Contribute to events and projects relating to the history, culture, and heritage of the Councils and their precursor agencies, and Cork city and county generally.