Youghal Corporation 1600s-1840

Youghal Corporation

Youghal town received its first Royal Charter in the year 1209. Similar charters were granted to form corporations in Cork, Kinsale and Clonakilty and other towns across Ireland. The charters enabled the institution of a town government or corporation, regulated free trade, the levying of taxes, and the operation of trade guilds. Youghal became a major trading port and was a base for the Plantation of Munster. Youghal's ancient corporation was in operation until 1840, when all the the ancient corporations in Ireland, except for those in very large towns such as Cork and Dublin, were abolished.

Details of available records from Youghal Corporation

Youghal Town Charters and Associated Material 1375 - 1609
Council Books of the Corporation of Youghal, 1610-1659, 1666-87, 1690-1705, 1711-1718, 1719 -1840
Youghal Electoral Poll Books and Registry List Feb. 1830 - Aug. 1837 (1846)
Youghal Gaol Drawings and Specifications, Pain Brothers and Others  1825-1831 

Youghal 1609 Charter
Youghal 1609 Charter