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Reader Application Forms

Application Forms must be submitted well in advance of proposed research. An e-Form is available for submission in electronic format, or there is a version for printing and submission on paper. There is no charge to register.

Reader Application eForm (Fully Electronic)

Download: Reader-Registration-Application-Form-RA-2021.06E.pdf (size 247.3 KB)

Instructions for e-Form:

1) Download e-Form to your device/PC 
2) Open e-Form with Adobe Acrobat Reader 
3) Complete e-Form in full (electronically using your keyboard)
4) Save your e-Form on to your device/PC using your own file title
5) Email us a copy of your saved e-Form to

Note: The e-Version should not be printed (see Print version below if you prefer to print and fill the Form in by hand)

Reader Application Form (Print Version)

Download for printing: Reader-Registration-Application-Form-RA-2021.05P---Print-Version-A4.pdf (size 186.3 KB)

1) Download Print version Form to your device/PC
2) Open and Print the Form on paper using Adobe Acrobat Reader (A4 size, landscape, total is 2 pages)
3) Complete the Form in full using a pen.
4) Return the original of your Form by post, or, a copy of the Form by scan/photo email to
5) If you submit a copy, you must bring your original signed Form with you to your first appointment please.

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