Cork: Merchant City

Cork: Merchant City

Merchant Princes

Denny Lane, Drawing by Henry Jones/Thaddeus.

Denny Lane (1818-1895) was a prominent figure in 19th century Cork. His father owned Riverstown Distillery, while Lane himself took a law degree. He served as secretary and resident engineer for Cork Gas Company and was associated with local railways, Belvelly Brickworks and Springfields Starch Works. He was imprisoned for his part in the 1848 Young Ireland rebellion. Young Ireland was a nationalist movement active in the 1840s that emphasised a romantic cultural Ireland. As well as writing songs and poetry, Denny Lane supported cultural and educational societies, and young artists such as Henry Jones/Thaddeus. Its 1848 rebellion was a failure.
(CCCA U611 Denny Lane Papers)

Denny Lane Drawing

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