Cork: Merchant City

Cork: Merchant City

Brewing & Distilling

Cork Distilleries Company, Balance Book, 1902.

Cork Distilleries Company was created in 1867 by the merger of five distilleries in the Cork area. Over the years the various properties were rationalised. These pages refer to the distillery in Midleton (formerly Murphy’s), North Mall (formerly Wise’s Distillery) and Watercourse, site of a distillery previously associated with the Hewitt family.

Bondings - From the early 19th century, ‘under bond’ warehousing was permitted by the excise authorities. Distillers could store maturing whiskey under strict security in bonded warehouses and only pay duty when the whiskey was sold.

(CCCA U15 Cork Distilleries Company)

Cork Distilleries Company Balance Book 2

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