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Personal Papers

The Archives has a large holding of personal papers i.e. where the creator is an individual or a family. These collections often contain correspondence, newscuttings, literary manuscripts, diaries, photographs, printed material and memorabilia. Personal papers may also contain material directly related to the various organisations, activities, or interests of the individual concerned, for example, cultural groups, political parties, clubs and societies, and businesses. Personal papers can also sometimes be found mixed in with other types of collection, for example business archives or solictors and landed estate papers..

Major listed collections, showing overall covering dates, with link to descriptive list in PDF format: 

  • Berkeley, George F.   Captain, Irish Volunteers, 1914-1924 (1951)  PR12 List
  • Browne, Arthur   Governor of Charles Fort,  Kinsale (1729) c.1790-1792  SM739 List
  • Clanchy, T.J,   Butter Merchant, 1870-1916 (1945) PR11 List 
  • Coppingers of Barryscourt estate, near Midleton, Co.Cork  U405 List
  • Deane, Lady Eliza   (Wife of Sir Thomas Deane, Architect) 1 Jan - 19 Nov 1832  PR27 List
  • De Roiste, Liam,   T.D., Councillor 1902-1954 U271 List ; Irish Volunteers Membership 1913-14
  • Dowden, Richard    Alderman, Mayor of Cork 1845, liberal, philantropist. c.1820 - 1860   
  • Fitzgerald, Seamus   Irish Volunteers and Fianna Fáil, 1911-1971  PR6 List
  • Hely Hutchinson Cork Electors MS.  SM768 List
  • Hewitt, Thomas, Merchant and Distiller, 1789-1873   U15B List
  • Hill, William Henry  Architect and Engineer, 1887-1930  ‌
  • Hurley Family Emigrant Letters, 1871-1938
  • Lane, Denny   Young Irelander, businessman, 1833-1895   
  • Langford, Riobárd   Officer, Irish Republican Army,  (1898) 1914-1973  U156 List
  • MacCurtain, Tomás (Gaelic Poem)    Lord Mayor of Cork, Gaelic League, Irish Republican Army,  July 1918  G/7 List
  • Lyons, Thomas (Mayor of Cork 1841-42) Incoming correspondence  from Daniel O'Connell MP and others   SM775 List
  • MacSwiney, Terence,   Lord Mayor of Cork,  (1919) March - July 1920 
  • McCarthy, Jack   Kanturk Irish Republican Army, 1920's, 1970 - 1971  SM701 List
  • O'Brien, Sophie   Wife of William O'Brien, M.P. 1887-1945  PR25 List 
  • O’Buachalla, Liam   Gaelic League activist, Banteer/Millstreet area, 1907-1927  U203 List 
  • Roche Family MSS. (1315) c.1642-c.1774  PR28 List
  • Waters, Thomas P.     Irish Republican Army, 1914-1920 (1957)  SM625 List