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Research Guide List: Some collections in the Cork City and County Archives relating to the 1912-1922 revolutionary period in Ireland.

Including material relating to the First World War, the War of Independence/Anglo-Irish War, and Easter Rising 1916. The collections listed below are accessible in our research room by appointment to researchers who are registered as a Reader with the Archives.

Battle Cries, Toirdhealbhach Mac Suibhne (Poems by Terence MacSwiney) Ref. IE CCCA/SM826       
Date: 1918 Level: item Extent: 55pp

Bennett's of Ballinacurra               Ref. IE CCCA/B609          
Date: 1806-2006 Level: fonds Extent: 227 Boxes, 37 OS Vols, 99 OS Printouts, 5 OS Framed Pictures, 29 OS Rolled Drawings, 3 OS Rolls of Maps

Bolster Family History and Commission of the Peace          Ref. IE CCCA/SM55         
Date: 1903 - 1923 [1585 - 1922] Level: fonds Extent: 2 items

Captain George Berkeley Collection          Ref. IE CCCA/PR12          
Date: 1914-1916, 1920-1921 (1930s-40s) Level: fonds Extent: 213 items plus 6 boxes of additional material

Chris Murphy Royal Munster Fusiliers Material       Ref. SM833        
Date: 1911-1916 Level: file Extent: 3 dvds and c10pp

Circular letter from Constance Markievich              Ref. IE CCCA/U70            
Date: 1 Jan 1922 Level: item Extent: 1pp

Clonmult/Midleton Hallahan Photo Album              Ref. U192           
Date: c.1920-25 Level: item Extent: 2 items

Commemorative Brochure for Captain Timothy Kenefick/Kennefick             Ref. IE CCCA/SM698       
Date: 2005 (1922) Level: fonds Extent: 16pp

Connie Neenan Papers    Ref. PR7              
Date: c.1916 - 1970s Level: fonds Extent: 2 boxes and 2 photographs (plus one scanned photograph)

Copy of letter from Dr. Daniel Coholan Asst. Bishop of Cork            Ref. U156/04     
Date: 20 May 1916 Level: item Extent: 4pp

Cork Council of Trade Unions       Ref. IE CCCA/U216          
Date: 1915-1988 Level: fonds Extent: 36 items (6 boxes)

Cork County Council Minutes, 29 February 1916 - 5 May 1917         Ref. CC/CO/M/007         
Date: 29 February 1916 - 5 May 1917 Level: item Extent: 1 volume

Cork Examiner 30 Oct 1920 - Funeral of Terence MacSwiney           Ref. IE CCCA/SM615       
Date: 30-Oct-20 Level: fonds Extent: 1 item; 10pp

Cork Free Press and other newspapers      Ref. IE CCCA/SM716       
Date: 6 May 1916 - 29 Jul 1916 (- 19 Dec 1924) Level: fonds Extent: 11 items

Council Minute Book       Ref. CP/CO/M/13            
Date: 15 March 1918 - 4 November 1920 Level: item Extent: 463pp plus c.20pp index

Council Minute Book       Ref. CP/CO/M/14            
Date: 12 November 1920 - 28 December 1923 Level: item Extent: 606pp plus 50pp index

Council Minute Book       Ref. CP/CO/M/12            
Date: 13 December 1912 - 8 March 1918 Level: item Extent: 656pp

Cunningham Family Archive          Ref. PR44           
Date: 1916-1923 Level: fonds Extent: 1 box

Daly IRA Military Service Pension Application         Ref. IE CCCA/SM868       
Date: [1935] 1916-1923 Level: item Extent: 19pp

Daniel Desmond Sheehan MP       Ref. PR40           
Date: c.1900 - 1940 Level: fonds Extent: 2 boxes plus 1 box photographs

Donal O'Callaghan           Ref. IE CCCA/PR37          
Date: 1920-1936 Level: fonds Extent: 8 items

Father Dominick O'Connor letter to Sean Hegarty Ref. IE CCCA/U149          
Date: 15 Dec 1920 Level: item Extent: 3pp

Frank Hurley (3rd West Cork Brigade, IRA) to Mary Mahony, his sister, Australia, photocopy of letter               Ref. IE CCCA/SM680       
Date: 20 April-8 May 1920 Level: item Extent: 8pp

General Post Office Letters 1916, 1918     Ref. IE CCCA/U103          
Date: 8 Sep 1916, 14 Nov 1918 Level: item Extent: 2 items

Hackett Diaries and Papers (Compiled by JD Hackett)          Ref. PR46           
Date: 1928-29 (1803-1929) Level: sub-series Extent: 2 volumes

Handbill, 'Irish Republican Army Roll of Honour, West Cork's Heroic Dead'  Ref. IE CCCA/SM840       
Date: Undated [c1924-60; covers 1916-23 period] Level: item Extent: 1p (3 copies)

Initialled copy letter from MacSwiney       Ref. PR4/6/10   
Date: 10 May 1920 Level: item Extent: 3pp

Ireland and the First World War - A Cork Perspective (Thesis)           Ref. IE CCCA/SM643       
Date: 2004 (1914 - 1918) Level: fonds Extent: 173pp

Irish Medical Association Cork Branch       Ref. IE CCCA/U59            
Date: 19 Jul 1902 - 5 Mar 1918 Level: item Extent: c150pp

Irish Volunteer 1916 Certificate for Daniel Foley   Ref. IE CCCA/SM754       
Date: 5 June 1948 Level: item Extent: Original was c. 60cm x 40cm

Irish Volunteers, Cork City Battalion, 1916 (photograph, 1952)        Ref. SM780        
Date: 1952 (1916) Level:  Extent: 1 item

Jack McCarthy Republican material           Ref. IE CCCA/SM701       
Date: 1920's, 1970 - 1971 Level: fonds Extent: c20 items

James Gamble, soldier, d1918      Ref. IE CCCA/SM657       
Date: 1872-1918 Level: fonds Extent: 10 items

Joe O'Mahony Autograph Book (Digital Copy)        Ref. IE CCCA/SM794       
Date: 1922 Level: item Extent: 32pp

John Brown         Ref. IE CCCA/U97            
Date: 1917-1921 Level: fonds Extent: 17 items

John J Barry, Fitter (copy items)   Ref. IE CCCA/SM873       
Date: 1918 Level: file Extent: 2 items

Letter (typescript) from Seamus Fitzgerald              Ref. U156/07     
Date: 14 February 1966 Level: item Extent: 2pp

Letter from Francis A. Gleeson, Chaplain, 2nd Batt. Royal Munster Fusiliers, to Mrs Cremin, Macroom.               Ref. SM881        
Date: 11 Nov 1917 Level: item Extent: 4 items

Letter from Lord Stamfordham on behalf of King George V, to Sir John Scott, High Sheriff of Cork               Ref. IE CCCA/U112          
Date: 29 Aug 1920 Level: item Extent: 2pp

Letter to Fitzgerald from P. O'Neill             Ref. PR6/57       
Date: 2 August 1944 Level: item Extent: 2pp

Liam de Roiste Diaries     Ref. U271/A       
Date: 1902-1908, Nov 1914- April 1916, June 1916 – Jan 1917, May 1918-1930, 1940-1945 Level: series Extent: 57 items

Liam de Roiste Papers     Ref. IE CCCA/U271          
Date: 1901-1947 Level: fonds Extent: 15 boxes

Lord Mayor's Prayer (1920)           Ref. IE CCCA/SM796       
Date: September - October 1920 Level: item Extent: 2pp

Lusitania Victims Inquest               Ref. IE CCCA/U69            
Date: May, 1915 Level: item Extent: 65pp

Marie Foley Deposit         Ref. IE CCCA/SM702       
Date: 1873, 1970 (1920s) Level: fonds Extent: 4 items

McKernan MacSwiney material    Ref. SM764        
Date: 1918-1920 (1960s) Level: fonds Extent: 4 newclippings and 1 photo.

Michael Collins Photograph          Ref. U694/001  
Date: c.1922 Level: item Extent: 6" x 10"

Mid Cork Republican Court Register          Ref. SM85          
Date: [1920s] Level: fonds Extent: 1 item

Minute Book       Ref. B619/B/1/4              
Date: 31 Jan 1906 - 8 Nov 1917 Level: item Extent: 382pp

Minute book of Cork District Trades Council           Ref. U216/01/01             
Date: 19 Aug 1915 - Oct 1916 Level: item Extent: c.60pp plus 18pp enclosures

News clipping marked 'Col. Maurice Moore's Statement'   Ref. PR12/73(b)
Date: 1914 Level: item Extent: 1 item

Ó Sé Family         Ref. PR29           
Date: 1900 - 1970s Level: fonds Extent: 47 boxes

Paddy O'Keeffe of Bantry, additional material       Ref. U180Add2  
Date: 1860s-1950s Level: file Extent: 14 items

Padraig O'Caoimh Prison Autograph Book              Ref. U287           
Date: 1921 Level: fonds Extent: 1 vol.

Pat Gunn Deposit (Irish War of Independence/Civil War)    Ref. IE CCCA/SM814       
Date: 1923-24 [1919] (1974) Level: file Extent: 3 items

Pauline Henley Correspondence with and regarding Terence MacSwiney (Copies)    Ref. IE CCCA/U207              
Date: 1916-1922 Level: file Extent: 16 items

Photograph of IRA Unit   Ref. U694/004  
Date: 1921 Level: item Extent: 6" x 10"

Recruitment Circular, 1916           Ref. SM877        
Date: 1916 Level: file Extent: 2 items

Republican and Free State Tracts 1916-1924          Ref. IE CCCA/U105          
Date: 1916-1922 Level: series Extent: 11 items

Roger Casement Scrapbook          Ref. IE CCCA/SM763       
Date: 1916 Level: item Extent: 1 item (13pp)

Roibárd Langford Papers               Ref. IE CCCA/U156          
Date: 1913-1973 Level: fonds Extent: 50 items

Roland May collection    Ref. SM883        
Date: 1916-1980s Level: fonds Extent: 12 items

Seamus Fitzgerald Papers              Ref. IE CCCA/PR6            
Date: 1890-1975 Level: fonds Extent: 23 boxes & 3 carb boxes & 1 folder

Seamus Fitzgerald Papers Section 1: Early Political Affiliation           Ref. PR6/1 to PR6/190   
Date: 1916-1925 (1928) Level: sub-fonds Extent: 190 items

Seamus Malone MS. 'It Was Worth The Drop of Blood' (B’fhiú an Braon Fola).         Ref. IE CCCA/U129              
Date: 1959-1967 Level: item Extent: 5 items

Sheehan Documents        Ref. IE CCCA/SM710       
Date: 1924 - 1947 Level: fonds Extent: 9 items

Sinn Fein Tomas Mac Donnchadha Cumann Records, 1919-20         Ref. IE CCCA/SM825       
Date: 1919 - 1920 Level: file Extent: 6 items

Statement by Séamus Fitzgerald  Ref. PR6/40       
Date: 1947 Level: item Extent: 37pp

Survey of the Military Cemetery, Assumption Hill, Blackpool, Cork Ref. IE CCCA/SM728       
Date: 1849-1922 (2007-2009) Level: item Extent: 2 items

Terence MacSwiney Letter from Richmond Barracks           Ref. IE CCCA/SM806       
Date: 23 May 1916 Level: item Extent: 3pp; plus 1p copy.

Terence MacSwiney Letters to Fred Murray 1917-1918      Ref. IE CCCA/SM759       
Date: 1917-1918 Level: file Extent: 3 items

The Story of Liam Lynch by Joe Walsh (booklet)    Ref. IE CCCA/SM700       
Date: [1973-74] Level: fonds Extent: 32pp plus 6pp enclosures

Thomas P Waters Papers               Ref. IE CCCA/SM625       
Date: 1914-1921 (1923; 1957; 1966; 2001) Level: fonds Extent: 4 items

Tivy Papers          Ref. IE CCCA/U116          
Date: (1604) 1792 - 1971 Level: fonds Extent: 95 items

Tom Barry           Ref. IE CCCA/U16            
Date: 1919-1922, 1974 Level: fonds Extent: 5 items

Typescript 'Draft Statement' of Riobard Langford Ref. U156/18     
Date: 9 August 1947 (1909-1917) Level: item Extent: 6pp

Typescript accounts by Riobard Langford of active service in Irish Volunteers and IRA           Ref. U156/03             
Date: April 1916 - March 1923 Level: item Extent: 19pp

Typescript copies of the Statement of Captain Michael Leahy         Ref. PR6/43       
Date: 1947 Level: item Extent: 7 items

Volunteer Joseph O'Sullivan Letter, 9 August 1922               Ref. IE CCCA/SM803       
Date: 9 August 1922 Level: item Extent: 2pp

War Damaged Bridges, North Cork            Ref. CC/SR/F/001            
Date: 1924 - 1930 Level: file Extent: 1 file (c100 items)

Weekly Irish Times Newspaper (20 May 1916)       Ref. IE CCCA/SM706       
Date: 20 May 1916 Level: item Extent: 4pp

William Ferris Papers       Ref. IE CCCA/U60            
Date: 1500 - 1935 Level: fonds Extent: 2 boxes