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Research Guide List: Some collections in Cork City and County Archives Relating to the Great Famine 1845-1850.

Bandon Estate Office (Doherty and Jones) Bound Volumes               Ref. U137           
Date: 1719 - 1964 Level: sub-fonds Extent: 217 vols.

Bantry Board of Guardians            Ref. IE CCCA/BG/43        
Date: 1846-1924 Level: fonds Extent: 113 items

Bolster Family History and Commission of the Peace          Ref. IE CCCA/SM55         
Date: 1903 - 1923 [1585 - 1922] Level: fonds Extent: 2 items

Charleville Electoral Division Rate Books  Ref. IE CCCA/U92            
Date: May 1842, 1848 Level: series Extent: 4 items

Cork Board of Guardians               Ref. IE CCCA/BG/69        
Date: 1839-1925 Level: fonds Extent: 308 items

Dunmanway Board of Guardians Ref. IE CCCA/BG/83        
Date: 1840-1920 Level: fonds Extent: 108 volumes

Famine and Politics in Midleton Poor Law Union 1845 - 1851 (Horgan)         Ref. IE CCCA/SM838       
Date: 2012 (1845-1851) Level: item Extent: 117pp

Flour - Rathbone Letters Ref. U140/L/034              
Date: Oct 1848 - Nov 1849 Level: file Extent: 4 items

Kinsale Board of Guardians           Ref. IE CCCA/BG/108      
Date: 1839-1925 Level: fonds Extent: 196 items

Kinsale Convent of Mercy Extracts             Ref. IE CCCA/U64            
Date: 1845 - 1896 Level: item Extent: 23pp plus 9pp appendix

Letter from Lord [Rossmore]        Ref. U140/L/104              
Date: 16 Dec 1848 Level: item Extent: 1p

Midleton Board of Guardians       Ref. IE CCCA/BG/118      
Date: 1841-1926 (-1966) Level: fonds Extent: 196 vols.

MS. Containing Weather Observations by William Cunningham       Ref. U140/M     
Date: (1825) 1845 - 1848 Level: file Extent: 21pp

Neptune Blood MSS.        Ref. PR31           
Date: 1829-1861 Level: fonds Extent: 5 items (1 box)

Poor Law             Ref. U140/J/02/06          
Date: 1836 - 1852 Level: file Extent: 9 items

Poor relief tokens and coupons   Ref. IE CCCA/SM721       
Date: Mid 19th c. Level: file Extent: 3 items

Sick Poor Society              Ref. U140/J/05/05          
Date: 1843 - 1846 Level: file Extent: 2 items

Society of Friends             Ref. U140/J/04/09          
Date: 1846 - 1855 Level: file Extent: 2 items

The Journals of Sir John Benn-Walsh relating to the management of his Irish estates, 1823-64, presented by James S Donnelly, JR. (published in the Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society, Jul-Dec 1974, Jan-Jun 1975)           Ref. IE CCCA/U20            
Date: 1823-1864 (1974-75) Level: item Extent: 116pp

Visit of Queen Victoria to Cork, 1849 (Souvenir Booklet by Committee of Reception)             Ref. IE CCCA/SM799     
Date: 1849 (Visit 3 August 1849) Level: item Extent: 10pp

William Ferris Papers       Ref. IE CCCA/U60            
Date: 1500 - 1935 Level: fonds Extent: 2 boxes