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Local Government Archives: Town Councils

Most ancient 'chartered' town corporations, such as that of Youghal, were abolished in 1840, except for the very largest towns such as Cork, Dublin etc., where they were retained but extensively reformed (see Cork City Council records). From 1828 onwards, elected commissioners for lighting and cleansing were established in some county towns including Bandon, Clonakilty, Kinsale, Midleton and Youghal. Under the Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act 1854, elected commissioners were established in Clonakilty, Fermoy, Kinsale, Mallow, Midleton, Cobh, Skibbereen, Youghal, Bantry and Macroom, with wider powers including courthouses, cleansing, lodging houses, sewers, water supply, lighting, fire fighting, regulation of hackneys, and the provision of libraries. Under various public health acts, towns with a certain population were also designated urban sanitary districts, including Fermoy, Kinsale, Cobh, Clonakilty and Youghal. Under the 1898 Local Government (Ireland) Act, all urban sanitary authorities were made urban district councils (U.D.Cs), with other towns, such as Passage West, retaining town commissioners with more limited functions. In 2001, all U.D.Cs and town commissioners were renamed Town Councils.

Collection /  SeriesDate 
Bandon Town Commissioners 1835 - 1918 
Bantry Town Commissioners  1905 - 1912 
Clonakilty Urban District Council  1895 - 1972 (1977) 
Cobh Urban District Council / Town Commissioners  1853 -  1958
Fermoy Urban District Council   UDC/FY List 1861-1979
Mallow Urban District Council       TC-MWweb 1906 - 1988
Passage West Urban District Council/Town Commissioners  PWTC List

(1910), 1920 – 1980s

Youghal Urban District Council / Town Commissioners  1840 - 1960 
Youghal Corporation Council Books  YTR/B 1600-1840
Youghal Borough Poll Books and Registry List  YTR/PB 1830-1837