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Local Government Archives : Cork City Council

The forerunner of the present day Cork City Council (2001) was Cork Corporation which was of ancient origin.

Council Minute Books Oct 1710- Sep 1732, Jul 1901- Oct 1906, Dec 1912 - May 1984.

Minute books recording the proceedings of meetings, decisions and resolutions of the full City Council.

Descriptive list of minute books, 1710-1984:   CP/CO/M List
Partial index of contents of minute books covering the period  26 July 1901 - 13 Oct 1906 and 13 Dec 1912 - 13 Jun 1967:   Cork City Council Minute Books Index 1901 - 1967

List of Freemen Cork City 1710 - 1841

Committee Minute Books, 1867 - 1929 (1968). 

Minute books recording the proceedings of various Council committees.

Cemetery CP/CO/CY/M List  
City Hall and Working Class Dwellings  CP/CO/CH/M List
Clothing CP/CO/CL/M List
Fitzgerald’s Park CP/CO/FZ/M List
General Committee  CP/CO/GC/M List
General Purposes CP/CO/GP/M List
Hackney Carriages CP/CO/HC/M List
Improvements CP/CO/IM/M List
Law and Finance CP/CO/LF/M List
Public Health CP/CO/PH/M List
Public Works CP/CO/PW/M List
School Attendance CP/CO/SA/M List
School Meals CP/CO/SM/M List
Special Committees CP/CO/SP/M List
Standing Committee CP/CO/ST/M List
Stocktaking  CP/CO/SK/M List
Tolls and Markets CP/CO/TM/M List
Tuberculosis CP/CO/TB/M List
Waterworks CP/CO/WW/M List
Whole Council Committee CP/CO/WC/M List

Other series in the City Council archives:

City Manager’s Orders 1942-1974.
Lord Mayor’s Visitors Book 1934-1959.
Printed Reports of Officers and Committees 1881-1915.
Town Clerk’s Department, General Correspondence and Council Papers c.1930-1965.
Town Clerk’s department General Files 1920-1965.
City Engineer’s Correspondence and Reports, 1920-1950,
Lee Road Waterworks records 1890-1960. 
Rate Valuation Books 1900-1910 & 1950-1970.
Rate Collection Books, 1929 -1961 CP/R/RC List
City Architects Dept. Drawings c.1930-c.1980.
Damage to Property Claims Book 1923-1924,
Corporation News Cuttings Books 1901-1940,
Corporation Year Books 1914, 1940-1970.
Cork Wide Streets Commissioners drawings and legal material c.1820-1860.
Cork District Urban Sanitary Authority letter books, 1863-1892.

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