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Holdings of Directories and Almanacs 1821 - 1973

Available to research, by appointment, in our research room:

Geary's Cork Almanack 1821        (Ref.SM730)

Finny's Royal Cork Almanack 1831             (Ref.SM731)

The Cork Almanack 1832-33         (Ref.SM732)

Catholic Directory of Ireland 1843             (Ref.SM848)

Slaters Commercial Directory of Ireland 1846        (Ref.SM849)

Aldwells Directory of Cork City 1844-5      (Ref.SM850) Online copy: Aldwell’s Directory of Cork City 1845

Henry & Coghlans Munster Directory 1867             (Ref.SM851)

Francis Guy's Directory of Munster 1886  (Ref.SM852)

Guy's Directory of Cork 1895        (Ref.SM853)

Guy's Directory of Cork 1902        (Ref.SM854)

Purcell's Directory of Cork 1906   (Ref.SM855)

Guy's Directory of Cork 1915        (Ref.SM856)

Purcell's Directory of Cork 1934   (Ref.SM857)

Guy's Directory of Cork 1935        (Ref.SM858)

Guy's Directory of Cork 1939-1940            (Ref.SM859)

Guy's Directory of Cork 1945        (Ref.SM860)

Mercier Business Directory of Cork 1953-1956      (Ref.SM861)

Cork and Munster Trades Directory 1972-1973      (Ref.SM842)